January 11, 2007

Opening Night

Curtain Call

The company of The Cherry Orchard takes a bow.
Opening Night, January 10, 2007

Later, at the cast party, the company mingled with staff and friends in celebration.

Will LeBow (Lopakin) and Emily Robinson

Gene Farber (Yasha) and Jessica Dickey (Dunyasha)

Jessica Rothenberg (Anya) and Enver Gjokaj (Tromfimov)

Huntington friends Deb Monk, Brooks Ashmanskas, and Megan Sikora.
Deb and Megan will be starring in the new Broadway Musical Curtains (set at Boston's Colonial Theater).

Stage Manager Steve Kaus, and friend Michelle.
Nice suit, dude!

Janet Zarish (Head of Acting at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts) and Mark Blum (Gaev)

Gene Farber (Yasha) and Dick Latessa (Firs)

Andrea Martin, Jeremy Beck (Yephikhodov), Nicholas Martin and Kate Burton

More Party photos available at Boston Magazine

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