December 22, 2006

Progress Report - Costumes

I stopped in the Costume shop this morning to see how things were coming along.

Click here for the December 4th post (the before sketch and picture).

And here's what Anya's Act III costume looks like today...

Laura Seeley (left) works on the placement of some trim. Draper Penney Pinnette wanted to make sure I told you it's not done yet. The costumes will not be used until our first dress rehearsal on January 2nd.

There's a slew other costumes being worked on at the same time, with a crew of (4) Drapers, (4) First Hands, (3) stitchers, (3) Craftspersons, and the Costume Director, Assistant Costume Director, Costume Designer, Assistant Costume Designer and an intern keeping things moving.

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