December 19, 2006

The Ë is Silent

I just had to find out what's with the dots in NOËL COWARD. Wikepedia relates the following:

The story of Coward's meeting with actress Jean Harlow is frequently repeated: Harlow gushed, No-el Coward! I've heard so much about you!" He could have replied. "It's not true," but he didn't.

He replied, rather: "The "e" in "Noel" is silent, as is the "t" in "Harlow." The entire Wikepedia entry can be found here.

In other news:
Our most recent issue of Spotlight has been posted, with lots of interesting info on our upcoming production of The Cherry Orchard and everything that's news at the Huntington.

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Temple Gill said...

I love punctuation issues and thought I would weigh in on this fun entry! We debated whether or not to use the dots, but decided that since many published biographies use them, that we should, too. We also checked to see that The New York Times uses them as well, which sealed the deal. :)