December 19, 2006

Cherry Orchard Snapshots

Cherry Orchard costumes line about 60 feet of Hallway outside the costume shop. This doesn't count the 2 or 3 racks in the fitting room and the costumes under construction in the shop. In the middle there is costume designer Bob Morgan trying out some shirt and vest combinations on a suit form.

In the shop today props carpenter Andrew Deshazo did some of the finish work today on this cabinet he's been building. Yep... more mahogony.

Not all of the trees in this production are two dimensional. Here our charge scenic artist, Roberto Gallo, is seen applying a base coat to the three dimensional trees. They have a welded steel structure, covered in carving foam, covered with a fire retardant muslin and flex glue, and then painted. These birches live downstage of the drops for yet another layer. Sorry about the blurry photo... Roberto works so fast that it's impossible to get one of him standing still.

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