December 5, 2006

Lyubov Andreevna Ranevskaya (Lyuba)

Today we have the nearly completed "muslins" for two of the clothing items that will be worn by the lead character Lyuba (to be played by Kate Burton, right) in our upcoming production of The Cherry Orchard. I'm thrilled to be giving you these sneak peeks because, after a few years in this job, I'm finally getting to spend a little time in the costume shop - right next door to my office.

Here are costume designer Robert Morgan's sketches for Lyubov's Act II lace dress (below, left) and Act IV cashmere coat (below, right).

These costumes are being constructed by a three person team; draper Anita Canzian, first hand Becky Hylton, and stitcher Gina Rhodes.

This group will build all of the 5 or so outfits to be worn by Ms. Burton in the next four weeks. They started with the muslins, as described in the previous post, last Tuesday. They will fit these muslins on Kate tomorrow, fix them, and then use them to pattern and construct the real thing.

Here comes a front and rear view of the muslin (sketch above) under construction. The lace shown is the fabric that we'll use to make blouse of the dress out of.

This coat (left, also see sketch above) will ultimately be constructed in a beautiful seal brown cashmere, sure to float right along with Lyubov when she sweeps in the room, after the muslin is fitted.

and a little update from paints: the stove that you saw yesterday in bare pink foam has received, along with all of the walls, it's base coat of gray paint, joint compound, and flexible adhesive to give it depth and texture.

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