May 19, 2007

Wrap it up...

Prior to last night's first preview performance the production staff hosted an end of the season "wrap" party. It's the time of year when a number of our staff head off to other jobs for the summer, and some leave us more permanently. Wrapping up their full time careers with the Huntington this season are charge scenic artist Roberto Gallo and audio supervisor Ben Emerson. We'll miss them, and their talents, and hope that they will both visit often.

Here are a few photos from the party:

There was food and drink, conversation and music, and a few very competitive rounds of "Paint Shop Croquet". Managing Director Michael Maso and Tech Director Dan Ramirez had a particularly physical match that was (perhaps fortunately) rudely interrupted by a power outage in one of our buildings.

The three hour loss of power not only ended the match but (quite unfortunately) brought down our entire computer network and phone systems for a few hours. Both of our Box Offices (at the BU Theatre and Calderwood Pavilion) lost connection to the ticketing software and had to switch to manual mode for last night's performances. They did a great job, all things considered, and curtains rose only a few minutes late - not at all unusual on a rainy night.

I'd like to give a shout out to all of the staff who helped deal with the variety of problems created by the black out. Extra kudos to Joey Riddle, Penny Hanson, Ben Carroll and their staff at the box office. House Managers David Newcomb (BU Theatre) and Austin Nathaniel (Calderwood) and their FOH staff also helped out with ticketing and security issues. A big thanks to production staff Brian Pratt, Dan Ramirez, Brian Sears, Ben Sigda, and Dan Olesky who ran temporary back up power to the servers from another building. Thanks also to the electricians from Boston University Maintenance Services who brought us back online by fixing the power. It was a race to see who could get power to the computer network first and the race ended with a tie... the lights came on just as temp power was hooked up. Congrats to both teams!

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