May 23, 2007

Present Laughter Photos

Tonight is opening night, with all of it's traditions and events. We'll report on those and bring you some pictures from the parties in future posts. In the meanwhile please enjoy some more of our production photos, these by T. Charles Erickson.

Under a portrait of himself as a much younger actor, aging matinee idol Garry Essendine (Victor Garber) dissuades his ex-wife Liz (Lisa Banes) from lecturing him about cutting back on romancing the women who fall at his feet.

Ingénue Daphne Stillington (Holley Fain) inserts herself into Garry's life at an inopportune time.

Crazed fan and playwright Roland Maule (2007 Tony Award nominee Brooks Ashmanskas, left) explains to Garry Essendine (Victor Garber) how he can be helpful to the actor's private and professional lives.

Victor Garber as Garry Essendine in the Huntington Theatre Company's production of Present Laughter, directed by Nicholas Martin and running through June 17 at the Huntington's B.U. Theatre.

Crazed fan and playwright Roland Maule (2007 Tony Award nominee Brooks Ashmanskas) is delighted to be in Garry Essendine's house.

Garry Essendine (Victor Garber) is vexed by the constant mail he receives, despite his loyal secretary Monica (Sarah Hudnut) keeping tabs on the correspondence.

Joanna (Pamela J. Gray), the young seductress who has invaded Garry Essendine's (Victor Garber) close-knit circle of friends, pay an unexpected visit

The night before he's to sail to Africa on a six-month theatre tour, aging matinee idol Garry Essendine (Victor Garber) is exhausted by the demands of life including ex-wife Liz (Lisa Barnes).


Anonymous said...

These images are wonderful! Thanks so much for posting them.

Best wishes for fantastic opening night!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the play and was so impressed, even the set drew applause when the curtain was first raised. The comedic timing of all the actors was seamless. Some played it over the top and others were more subtle, depending on their role.

Noel Coward wrote a quick and funny play of 1930's London. Even in our age of Flash Fiction and manic web surfing, it didn't feel like the two and a half hours it was. I especially enjoyed Lisa Banes as Liz. She is a smart actor who moves beautifully on stage (in very high heels, no less) and is able to deliver a line with a voice one could (and should) close their eyes to. It's a trick of the senses I recommend doing at the theater, anyway, but don't take too long. I wouldn't want anyone to miss the cape-drop scene of Joanna's or the gift Liz brings Garry (Victor Garber) from Paris. Even the props get laughs in this show.

Victor Garber has a wonderful presence and unbelievable stamina (2.5 hours on stage), and Holley Fain, who plays the young Daphne, is not only lovely and clear-skinned, but she holds her acting own quite well with a cast of very talented and seasoned stage actors. And, of course, Brooks Ashmanskas as Roland is surprisingly light on his feet and nothing less than hilarious.

A loud bravo to all the cast, as well as a resounding thank you to the Huntington Theater for bringing "Present Laughter" to Boston.

Todd Williams said...

Wow... you're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience at the play. A night in the theatre can be special for so many different reasons and we love to hear about those experiences.

Many reviews hit the papers and internet today. You can take a look at a sampling in my Shared items on the right hand side bar. Enjoy...