May 3, 2007

Paper Pushers

We'll take any help we can get these days, but I'm not sure that our resident mousers are really helping with the administrative tasks they've been assigned. On the right dozing off in the midst of writing a purchase order for Props guru Kris Holmes is Alvin. He just started with us a few weeks ago - his owners had to give him up and we had room in the Inn. Alvin has big paws and opposable thumbs. I think he may make a great carpenter when he grows up.

Spare Cat, left, is an expert at clearing (or perhaps making) jams on the copier - where she can usually be found supervising the activity in the Scene Shop offices. Ben Sigda (rear of photo), our purchaser, finds he has to keep his desk clean. If not Spare Cat is sure to step in.

As questionable as the administrative skills of these employees may be they ARE really good at rodent control, and even better at lowering blood pressure and providing employees with a warm cuddle on a tough day.

I'll leave you with a photo of our pal 5/4, recently deceased. 5/4 was a handsome stray tom cat who just walked in our door one day and decided to stay. He had an incredibly regal mug and I'm sure that if we ever did a production of Anthony and Cleopatra he would have had a featured role. We miss him still.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guy's!
It looks like your taking great care of Alvin ! We miss him very very very much :( Thanks for taking such great care of him and keeping him "busy" at work