May 13, 2007

Present Preview Press

My plans to bring you a little more backstage content this week were thwarted by unforeseen events. I'll get to some more of that this coming week as we tech the show. First preview is just days away now (Friday - May 18). The set is in and is remarkably finished (see photo below), and it looks AMAZING (congrats to designer Alexander Dodge and all of the staff who made it happen). We'll be working long long days from now until opening on May 23rd to bring you what is shaping up to be a stellar production.

In the meanwhile - we had a press session with a few of the cast last Tuesday. Articles are starting to appear and as I get the links I will add them here.

For Starters: Maverick Arts, Playbill, Boston Globe, In Newsweekly

You can also look forward to some Present Laughter video. We'll have a chat with Victor Garber and director Nicholas Martin, and some rehearsal footage as well. Check back soon.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the link, nice article. I'll be looking forward to more of backstage photos and/or news you can provide. It is fun an interesting to acess this behind-the-scenes info about the show and the cast.

Susan Mello said...

I have to reiterate what "anonymous" said...It is so interesting to "see" backstage. My daughter and I are looking forward to seeing the May 25th performance. Keep up the good work on the play and blog.