May 1, 2008

She Loves Me - In Rehearsal

Yesterday was the film shoot for our upcoming behind the scenes video. Here are a few photos taken during the shoot. Extra - Extra

From today's rehearsal report: "A very productive day of rehearsal. We started the day with a review of the Romantic Atmosphere dance. The dancers and Denis are doing really great work, and it is coming together nicely. We followed this with a lot of scene work in act two. We have now touched on the whole show. After lunch we did a run thru of act one. The cast managed very nicely for a first run, especially having not touched act one in a few days. We are in good shape to head into the weekend. Tomorrow we plan to do some more scene work and a run of act 2."

Photos are being added daily to our production photo album here.

You still have time to vote for your favorite couple here. Adam & Megan are enjoying a slight lead, with Dee & George in a close second. Vote early, vote often. The voting closes May 12 at Noon.

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