December 16, 2007

Speak True: The Huntington and Codman Academy help students find their role

I recently connected with an extended family member via Facebook, and found out that she works with The Unity Project. Life is full of amazing connections. I love what the project is doing - especially how their programs use the Arts in their education and leadership programming. She asked me for a few Huntington links and I decided to send her some that related to our Education and Community Outreach programming. I did some looking around and discovered these fantastic videos from Dorchester's Codman Academy. Were proud of our connection with Codman, and we're proud of these amazing kids. Take a look at these videos. I think you'll understand why.

Speak True: Part 1

Speak True: Part 2

This year's annual Shakespeare Monologue Competition is 2PM, Thursday Dec 20th, 2007, at the Calderwood Pavilion

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