December 11, 2007

Huntington names new Artistic Director

The news is out.

Variety posted the well founded rumors yesterday and the Globe followed suit this morning with the publication of some preliminary information that we had given them in advance of today's planned announcements. Not that we can really blame them for stealing our thunder. I've been itching for this all to be done and public so I can talk about it too!

The News? We have a new Artistic Director to plan our next season and take over this summer after Nicky heads off to his new job at Williamstown. His name is Peter DuBois and you can read all about it here.

David Wimberly, the Chairman of our Board, came by the Theatre this morning to give staff the news in person. It was great to hear from him about the search, which has been going on for the last six months or so, how energized the search committee was by the process, and how strong the field of candidates were. Michael Maso then told us a little bit more about Peter, and talked about the work that we will need to do in order to facilitate the transition and plan a new season. As if producing a musical this spring isn't enough!

Notices to the full board, subscribers, and stakeholders have gone out in letters and email.

We've got a press office to give you the full works, so I will let them have at that. I will say that I had the pleasure of spending several hours with each of the finalists and am extremely grateful that the board gave the staff the opportunity to not only meet the final candidates, but to give the search committee our input. I am looking forward to collaborating with Peter and am excited about the energy he brings to his work. I expect great things and an even stronger Huntington in the years to come.

Now it's off to our first rehearsal Meet and Greet for Third. It's never dull around here, is it...

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