December 7, 2007

Comin' together

Here's the news and lots of it. I'll try to be brief:

Streamers final performances are this weekend - with a closing performance at two o'clock this Sunday afternoon. For more Streamers info including articles, reviews and video, visit here or read more from the blog here.

BU School of Theatre has both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and The Weavers up and running. The former is in Studio 210 through Dec 8th, the latter at the Wimberly through Dec. 16th.

Rehearsals for Third begin next Tuesday. We're looking forward to it and to having Maureen Anderman back in Boston. carries the casting news. Scenery construction is well underway. Our machine shop has been particularly busy as we gear up to try a new (really really quiet) method of moving scenery around on stage. This photo shows an example of their metal work. More on the physical production later.

Judy Gold was in town earlier this week to psych us up for her upcoming appearance in 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother (starts Dec. 18 at the Calderwood Pavilion). We did brunch. She's tall, she's queer, she's Jewish, she's a (loud) Mother, and she is damn FUNNY! We're looking forward to it. Here's a short I found on You Tube - she talks about working with the crew backstage. Contains adult language.

I'm glad that we are not responsible for providing a stage manager and/or hair and makeup help.

We had a meet and greet yesterday with our four new Huntington Playwriting Fellows. I have to wait until next week to drop names, but it was great to meet them.

I've got new video for Shakespeare's Actresses and Ennio to share later as well.

Rehearsals for Shining City begin soon at the Goodman in Chicago. They'll pack it up and move it to Boston soon after they complete their run there. Goodman Artistic Director Robert Falls directs.

We have a prelim design meeting set up for She Loves Me next week. Yay. The entire artistic and production teams will be getting together for a few hours to brainstorm.

Our annual Holiday party is coming up. I'm looking forward the all staff meeting - with only eating, drinking and chatting on the agenda! Glad to say that we're getting one last shot at some darn good southern food served up at our favorite neighborhood bistro thanks to a certain Huntington overseer! We have the best board in Boston. No doubts.

We'll soon be sending of some new costumes for The 39 Steps to NY for the understudies. Rehearsals begin soon with previews starting January 4th at the Roundabout's American Airlines Theatre. BU students Rosie Garner and Kevin Bigger are heading to the city to reprise their respective roles as Production Assistant and Assistant to the Director. Congrats!

Our education department decided they don't have enough going on with all of our great programming for teens. We are now offering classes for adults! Check it out here.

Oh yeah, and one more item: Another $25 ticket sale!!! Happy Holidays all!

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