August 18, 2007

In Box - The Atheist

The following note from Nicholas hit email boxes last night:


It's the most exciting moment in theatre. A world-class actor inhabiting a juicy role from a fresh new writer. Like catching lightning in a bottle, it takes a very special convergence of circumstances to light a stage so brightly.

Next month, the Huntington offers one such fleeting opportunity - for TWO WEEKS ONLY. Stage and screen star Campbell Scott will appear in The Atheist, by Boston phenom Ronan Noone. Of all the work I've presented during my years here, this event excites me the most.

Campbell will bring his trademark humor and warmth (inherited from his mom, Colleen Dewhurst) and the bold attack and panache of his dad (George C. Scott) to Ronan's savagely comic tale of Augustine Early, an ambitious journalist who lets nothing stand between him and a good story.

Campbell is the consummate actor's actor and I am always on the lookout for the role that will bring him back to the stage. Immediately upon reading Ronan's script, I knew that Augustine was it. I was right.

I urge those of you who love the theatre, who love Campbell, or who simply want a memorable fall evening—outside of Fenway Park—to buy tickets today. Like a hot game at the ballpark, this is THE ticket to have.



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