August 16, 2007


Part of our mission here at the Huntington is participating in the training of young theatre professionals. We are smack dab in the middle a working classroom (the BU Theatre, Studio 210, The Calderwood Pavilion, and our Huntington Ave. Production facilities) which makes interaction pleasantly unavoidable. In addition to the multitudes of CFA students we also have the pleasure of working with the faculty! BU Design Professors Jim Noone, Mariann Verheyen, Mark Stanley, Jon Savage, Ben Emerson; are all names that you've seen on the title pages of Huntington Productions. Sometimes the interactions are behind the scenes, too. Nancy Leary, too, who has an office just down the hall, is a very familiar face in our costume shop, having contributed to MANY of our productions in one way or another. Nancy was just profiled on BU Today. We thought you would like to meet her and get a behind the scenes peek into the world of costuming. Click here for the news article and slide show.

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