August 31, 2007

Content Content Content

I have been a bit slow on publishing content this month - and so have my pals in the admin offices across the street - as we all try to get ready to bring you an exciting 11 show season.

But the shortage is over, at least from Marketing. Here's the first go - TWENTY PAGES OF NEWS - about The Huntington Theatre in our first SPOTLIGHT issue of the season. The Atheist, The 39 Steps, Brendan, Streamers. They've got the news about our upcoming shows, directors, designers, playwriting fellows, special events, subscriptions, dining and parking deals, classes, student matinees, donors and supporters, Campbell Scott, David Rabe, Ronan Noone, and Justin Waldman. Click here and enjoy.

That oughta be enough reading material for the holiday weekend.

Gotta run. Rehearsal just finished and I need to go check in with the stage managers before I run away for the day.

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