November 30, 2011

Desire and Transformation at the Museum of Fine Arts

by Rebecca Bradshow, Stone Artistic Producing Intern

Audiences at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston have been admiring one of the most intriguing and powerful goddesses of the ancient world. “Aphrodite and the Gods of Love” features exquisite sculptures, mosaics, and paintings from the ancient world. In collaboration with the MFA, the Huntington has created an additional interactive element in experiencing such beauty.

Working in collaboration between Christine Kondoleon (Senior Curator of Greek and Roman Art for the MFA) and M. Bevin O’Gara (the Huntington's Associate Producer), the two institutions have crafted an audio tour incorporating dramatic readings from texts by Ancient Greek philosophers and poets. Each piece of audio is paired with one of the many vases or sculptures to tell a story or reveal an emotion, allowing for a deeper artistic connection to the work as visitors walk through the exhibit. By molding visual storytelling with its audio counterpart, the exhibit comes alive.

On top of the audio tour, the culmination of a larger collaboration will occur tonight. Alongside fringe theater company, Whistler in the Dark, the Huntington has created a theatrical event focusing on love’s many manipulations entitled, “Desire and Transformation: An Evening in Greece”. The evening highlights the text of Ovid with pieces from Whistler’s IRNE Award-winning production, “Tales from Ovid”, as well as readings from Ovid’s collection of love letters. This special performance invites a modern interpretation to the texts while seducing its audience with Ovid’s captivating voice.

On behalf of the Huntington, Marie Polizzano and Dennis Staroselsky will be performing this evening alongside Whistler members Jennifer O’Connor, Aimee Rose Ranger , and Mac Young.

Tonight’s performance will begin at 7:30pm after a reception in and throughout the exhibit. For more information or to buy tickets, please visit

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