November 12, 2011

CAPTORS Video - Huntington Theatre Company

Director Peter DuBois, playwright Evan M. Wiener, and the cast rehearse and discuss Captors. 

The Huntington Theatre Company's production of CAPTORS plays now through November 13, 2011  at the Boston University Theatre. Get tickets and information or call our Box Office at 617 266-0800.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to watching "Captors", but the show was a true disappointment and a bore. I saw this play on Friday, November 11, 2011.

Even though I sat in row E, I could not hear the dialogue from at least two of the actors -- they needed to enunciate their words. The people who sat around me, in rows D and F also expressed difficultly in hearing and/or understanding the lines. Also, the fake accents contributed to the difficulty in listening to the play. That said, the scenes need serious editing -- Act I can be cut by half an hour and not lose any meaning. This was almost the worst play I have seen at the Huntington. I think "The Circle Mirror Transformation" was slightly worse. Also, the actors looked similar and acted similarly. The play is too long at nearly 3 hours.