October 21, 2010

VENGEANCE IS THE LORD'S - Construction begins!

Contributed by Rebecca Bellan 

Production is starting out beautifully for the world premiere of Bob Glaudini’s play Vengeance is the Lord’s. The show will begin performances at the BU Theatre on Nov. 12 and continue on to Dec. 12, 2010. Peter DuBois, Artistic Director of the Huntington Theatre Co. and director of this upcoming play, is no stranger to Glaudini’s work having directed the NY production of Jack Goes Boating and is excited to direct this one.

The costume shop is just in the beginning phases of their work says Mimi O’Donnell, costume designer. They have already talked to the actors to see what they want for their parts and are brainstorming ideas to make the costumes fit the characters.

Scenic Artist Kate Bosch and Charge Scenic Artist Kristin Krause move walls around in the Paint Shop
A roof, kitchen, and exterior to a house are already on their way to being a finished product in the paint shop. This department is very busy moving around different sets to prepare for the upcoming show, but they were able to describe the basics—black floor, brown house, and cream kitchen. The set, designed by Eugene Lee, is the first floor in the home of a working class New England family and is placed on a 32' turntable so that the kitchen, living room, front door, and bedroom can all be viewed by rotating the stage.

Andrew Deshazo, Kris Holmes and Justin Seward
Kristine Holmes, properties master, says that they are still working, but ready to go for rehearsal. They have begun to pull rehearsal props, some of which will just be stand-ins and some of which will make it onstage. They need to see what works and what they need, which, according to Deshazo and Seward, changes daily. Holmes said that they have been meeting with the actors to discuss food preferences, which, she says, is because there is so much food onstage for this production. Much of the play takes place at the dinner table during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter holidays, so this shop has been collaborating to decide what food can be real and what food can be fake. Props assistant Justin Seward and props run supervisor Andrew Deshazo are also busy getting ready to build a sink and counter tops that look like they were made of soapstone, but are not as expensive as the real thing.

Production of Vengeance is the Lord’s is moving along swiftly. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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Rebecca is a journalism major in BU's College of Communications, and works part time in the Huntington's Production office. 

The Huntington Theatre Company's Production of Vengeance is the Lord's  is playing November 12 through October 17, 2010 at the Boston University Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston MA. For tickets and information click here or call our box office at 617 266-0800


Garden State Soapstone said...

Hey, I'm curious to know what material was used for the countertops that replicated soapstone, but was not actually soapstone.

Todd Williams said...

It just had to look like soapstone, not replicate all of it's wonderful and durable properties, so our scenic artists painted it. Not something I would recommend for a real kitchen counter.