October 1, 2010

A Postscript to Michael Maso's Post about Travel

Huntington Managing Director Michael Maso wasn't the only one with travel troubles last evening. One of the actors in Bus Stop made a quick trip down to New York yesterday morning for an audition. Her return train was supposed to leave New York at 12:30pm and arrive in Boston at 4:40pm - in plenty of time for the evening's 7:30pm curtain.

Or so we thought.

When the actor learned that her train was scheduled to depart New York late, Huntington Company Manager Anna Kohansky tried to reschedule her on an Acela (like Michael!), but all trains were booked. So she boarded the original train at 2:10pm. Amtrak arranged for the 5:10pm Providence-to-Boston commuter train to be held for its passengers. When the actor arrived in Providence, she boarded the new train, which left at 5:30pm.

And subsequently ran 40 minute late.

A 6:55pm arrival time at Back Bay Station was predicted, but at 6:30pm, Anna learned that the train wouldn't be stopping at Back Bay. So Anna told the actress to try to get off at Ruggles Station and to take the Orange Line one stop to Mass Ave. where Associate General Manager Justin Hasslet would meet her. As a back-up, Anna and Associate Producer Bevin O'Gara raced to South Station. At 7:05, the actor learned that the train was 30 minutes from Boston. When the train passed Ruggles without stopping, Justin left his post.

The train arrived at South Station at 7:18pm. The actress was in the car by 7:30pm, in the B.U. Theatre building at 7:45, and onstage just a few minutes after 8pm! Whew!

The adventure provided the opportunity for our fantastic staff to flex their muscles: Stage Management team Leslie Sears and Kevin Fitzpatrick kept the rest of the cast on point and prepared. Box Office staff Barbara Crowther, Hailey Fuqua, and Derek Martin prepared our audience as they arrived and picked up tickets. House Manager Daniel Morris and his staff did a great job of updating our patrons about the delay, answering their questions, and keeping them content and in the theatre. Dresser Jeff Burrows put the actor's wig cap on in record time, Wardrobe Coordinator Christine Marr got her into costume, and the run crew, comprised of Pat Austin, Andrew Deshazo, J Jumbelic, and Mike Wellman were always ready to go.

Thanks to our fantastic audience for their patience and understanding.

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