November 11, 2009

Inbox: Civil Beard War for "Christmas" Opening

On occasion I'll forward something straight from my inbox that doesn't need much explanation. Last week our Scene shop foreman, Brian Sears, wrote the following:

In the scene shop we have decided to get into the spirit of A Civil War Christmas with some good old fashion facial hair. I encourage all in the company that is capable of growing some facial hair to join us in our adventure. Two weeks from today is opening night and we are hoping for a nice showing, after that it can be over and you can shave off your new look. So please stop shaving today and join us.

Here is photo of approved scene shop facial hair styles

 There are plenty of beards sprouting here on Huntington Ave  - the contest has taken root (sorry) across the company. I should mention that a fair  percentage of the staff is female and many were eager to participate. Come back in a few weeks for photos!  Audience members coming to Opening night are also encouraged to participate.

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A Civil War Christmas - An American Musical Celebration by Paula Vogel. Music supervised, arranged, and orchestrated by Daryl Waters. Directed by Jessica Thebus. At the Huntington Theatre Company's main stage; The Boston University Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston MA, 02115. Runs November 13 through December 13, 2009. Box Office 617 266-0800 or buy online at


mb said...

You'd dig Beard Revue. There's even an expanded facial hair type chart that might pique your interest.

Todd Williams said...

thanks mb!

Rosemary KimBal said...

I am voting for Daniel Ramirez in the Beard Contest