November 10, 2009

Finding the Calderwood Pavilion - A Long and Winding Road

I just HAD to share this great story left by one of our patrons who came and saw A Long and Winding Road recently:

abbygirl said...
"My husband and I literally traversed "A Long and Winding Road" to reach your theater to enjoy the show - which we did, immensely, by the way. We don't get into Boston frequently, and the traffic and patterns of same are confusing to say the least. Armed with two different sets of directions, we amazingly actually found the theater and began searching for a parking spot. With many one-way streets, we went around in circles several times. Finally, apparently, we did not STOP, when we were supposed to as we were looking at signage, etc. and one of Boston's finest just happened to be right in front of us. He got out of his car and approached our vehicle, saying we did not STOP."

"My husband just started to relay our problem - that we were were lost looking for the Huntington Theatre, etc. I tried to intervene and tell him we were looking for a parking spot and had found the theater, but no one heard me. The policeman was so very helpful and said he would guide us and to follow him. We followed him in, around, and through Boston at a mighty clip - I might add - ending up at the OTHER Huntington Theater [the Boston University Theatre] on Huntington Ave. OH my God - we were going to be late. I had to tell him it was the wrong theater."

"He then offered to guide us again - back to the Calderwood Pavilion and showed us where to park. We really had a grand tour of Boston - and did not get a traffic ticket. We made it to the show, very stressed - but just in time. As soon as Maureen McGovern started to sing, we relaxed, enjoyed her perfomance, laughed and reminisced. Well, we know where you are now and where to park. Hopefully, that will never occur again."

"Boston has great officers - maybe it was our gray hair that had an effect on him. He probably was cursing "senior citizens"."

Thank you for sharing your experience, Abbygirl

The Huntington Theatre Company performs at two venues - The Boston University Theatre, and our second stage (The Virginia Wimberly Theatre) in Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA.

Patrons should check the venue information for the show that you are coming to see... we would hate to hear that you arrived at the wrong theatre and missed the show. If you buy your tickets online - the venue info is on your order confirmation. It's also on your tickets, and on our main website.

We continue to refine our venue information, directions and parking, and dining data on our websites even as we continue to hear stories about people ending up in the wrong place after five years of becoming bi-venue.. We're about to launch a new "plan your visit" section on our website too - which should help us all - I'll let you know when that is up and running. If you have any ideas for us - please let us know.

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