October 1, 2009

Ronan Noone's Little Black Dress

I saw Ronan Noone at the Fences opening a couple of weeks ago. We talked about the rehearsals for a production of his new play Little Black Dress at Boston Playwrights' Theatre and he was very excited about it... he says he has the BEST cast ever!

Here's what the BPT website has to say about it:

"Following his sold-out Huntington Theatre Company production of Brendan, where he recounts an Irish immigrant’s voyage to US citizenship, and his off-Broadway smash hit starring Campbell Scott as the Midwestern journalist August Early in The Atheist, Elliot Norton Award-winner Ronan Noone continues his exploration of the American psyche in Little Black Dress. Turning the Midwestern rustic stereotype on its ear, Noone’s visceral game of risk conceals twisted dreams lurking behind the video arcade. Featuring Elliot Norton Award-winners Jeremiah Kissel* and Marianna Bassham*, along with newcomers Karl Baker Olson and Alex Pollock, Noone culls all the dark humor and pathos from the Kansas prairie where every girl wants to be Grace Kelly."

"What would you do for a string of pearls?"

BU Today has a slideshow/interview here and the Boston Globe has a preview article here. Enjoy.

Ronan is a Huntington Playwrighting Fellow, and also teaches at Boston University. I'm looking forward to heading over to campus and seeing the show after A Long and Winding Road opens. I hope I can still get in.

Tonight is opening night! Break a leg...

PS: Ronan also said he loved the changes I'd made to the blog. I think he's the only one who noticed! Thanks dude.
PPS: Click the links and read about our productions of The Atheist and Brendan from our blog archives.

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Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love Ronan and his love for the written word.