September 5, 2009

"Fences" - Scenic Renderings

Here are some design renderings from our production of Fences. Scenic Design is by Marjorie Kellogg. We start onstage rehearsals Tuesday and our first preview on Friday. I have some construction photos and now that the set is onstage will take more during tech rehearsals - stay tuned for another slideshow later this week. If you can't wait - log on to Facebook and take a look.

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Fences by August Wilson, directed by Kenny Leon, at the Huntington Theatre Company's mainstage - Boston University Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115. Buy tickets online or call our box office at 617 266-0800. Box Office locations and hours click here.


lgalen said...

I've been watching August Wilson's neighborhood evolve at the Hungtington since Joe Turner in the mid 80's. I've been fascinated by the scenic design. Am I imagining it, or is there an attempt to reconstruct or reconfigure some of the past Huntington Wilson sets, in the more recent plays? IIRC, Radio Golf's set seemed to be a recreation of Jitney's. Fence's backyard seemed reminiscent, maybe of Seven Guitars, or maybe another of the plays? Is my mind playing tricks? Is it just a function of the plays occuring in a specific neighborhood, or is this (as I believe) a conscious device?

Todd Williams said...

Igalen -

This is a really really interesting comment.

We have NOT made any conscious choice to use the design or physical elements of any of our previous August Wilson productions. Yet when you walk in to the theatre the set is immediately familiar, right? So much so that we have had subscribers INSIST that they have seen Fences here at the Huntington before.

I want to think about this a little more, see if I can find some old production photos - I think I'll do a post looking back at some of our past productions.

Thank you for your great comment.