September 4, 2009

B.U. Theatre Re Rigged

This summer the Huntington replaced and improved the counterweight line set system in the Boston University - our main stage. The line set system is 43 permanently installed pipes, rigged to arbors that hold counterweights, used to hang our lights and scenery. Our old fire curtain was replaced, and some of the structural steel in the theatre was reinforced. Some of the equipment upgraded was original to the theatre, other parts replaced were from upgrades made in the 50s and 70s. The system is now easier, safer, and more efficient to use, and we can put more weight on each batten.

Enjoy this slide show of the project.

The project is funded by a matching grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund. The grant also funded a complete replacement of the sound system in the B.U. Theatre including new speakers, amps, and digital control systems. These systems had not seen significant improvement in over 20 years. Surround sound capacity was added, along with upgrades to FOH communication and Assisted Listening equipment. Our wireless headsets and microphone equipment was also replaced in order to be compliant with new FCC regulations.

It's been a great project, and while it's not one that people might notice when they come see a show, it has put people to work and provided significant improvement to our production infrastructure. We're still looking for additional matching funds for the project and we could use your support. Please take a moment to donate here.

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Photos by Brian Sears and Adam Godbout, slideshow by Adam Godbout

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