March 1, 2009

Two Men of Florence - In the shops

Here's a photographic glimpse of what's been going on in the shops

Candelabra under construction. One of four.

Candle Walls waiting to move on stage. 498 Electric candles on 20 dimmers. A lot of wiring!

The turntable set up in the shop for testing - and two days of rehearsal

A chair - recently built, freshly gold leafed, getting new upholstery

Chair getting webbing

More chairs - waiting their turn
We've built two of these, put new backs on eight, and applied gold leaf and upholstery to all. In case your wondering - that's 13,000 square inches of gold leaf.

And why?

for Alvin, of course

If you have any questions for us about this production - here's your chance. Use the comment feature below and send them in. I'll do my best to answer.

The Huntington Theatre Company's production of Two Men of Florence, by Richard Goodwin, playing March 6 through April 5, 2009 at the Huntington's mainstage, the B.U. Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA. Buy tickets online or call our Box Office at 617 266-0800.

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