March 31, 2009

Two Men of Florence - In Box

Sometimes I like to share some of the email I get here. We receive a regular communications update from Rebecca Curtiss. This is today's:

>>> Rebecca Curtiss 3/31/2009 10:54:21 PM >>>
Louise Kennedy's Sunday piece about how she finds she can't be shocked by theatre anymore (formerly with comments that don't seem to be present anymore):

And a blog reaction:

Alex Beam explains he won't spend money in this recession on our production of TMOF as it was reviewed poorly by Louise Kennedy and Carolyn Clay:

And an usher's response to Alex that she sent to David Newcomb(House Manager):
>>> Anne Wheelock < > 3/31/2009 6:40 PM >>>
Dear Alex Beam,

Like you, I've got a sense that we're in this recession for real
now. Free-lance editing isn't the most lucrative work in the best of
times. But I'd hate for that to have kept me from the Huntington's
"Two Men of Florence." I know the Globe reviewer wasn't "moved," but
the audience at the performance I attended weekend before last, gave
the cast a standing ovation. That has to count for something. And
don't you think it's in a recession when things that make our city a
better place most need our support?

Having heard you when you substitute for Tom Ashbrook, I can't
believe you wouldn't find an evening at the Huntington worth the
price of admission. You like meaty topics. You wouldn't mind
dialogue that's more than the usual banter. The production is all
out gorgeous. Do reconsider. You can probabaly get tickets
half-price at Bostix if your budget doesn't cover full price.

Sincerely, Anne Wheelock

Thomas Garvey bestows Francis O'Connor with a "Hubbie" award: announces Maureen beginning at Arena tonight:

Also, watch the Globe on 4/1 for Ed Siegel's Op-Ed about TMOF and the Underground Railway's production of Brecht's "Life of Galileo." We hope to be in the Names column Thursday, as well, as we had a number of VIPs at tonight's audience including Celtic Ray Allen!

Rebecca Curtiss
Communications Manager
Huntington Theatre Company

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Nick Peterson said...

Temple & Todd,

I thought I would pass along a link to the open letter I wrote to Alex Beam regarding yesterday's column.

Please feel free to distribute or excerpt. I only ask that, if you do, please link back to the original post.

Best regards,