November 5, 2008

To Do List

A few of our production department heads met with our new Overseers on Monday to give them a little show and tell. My job was to give them an idea of the time line of a production. My presentation was pretty much an explanation of what is going on this week:

How Shakespeare Won the West:
I have to dig in and reconcile some pesky outstanding budget numbers. The horse has just returned to it's stables (ART prop storage).
Wishful Drinking:
The production is back in CA - and we've completed repairs on the sound system problems we had during the run.
We did some maintenance on the floor this week... and I'm making final budget projections through the end of the run. Arrangements are being made to pack the show up after it closes on Nov. 15 - catch it while you can!
Rock n Roll: Tech/Dress all week - we did leave early last night so we could catch the election results - first preview is Friday.
Corn is Green: Currently being built in the shop - painting starts any day now. Costumes is working with the designer on prelim costume designs. Props is hunting for furniture.
Two Men of Florence: the scenery from the original UK production left Felixstowe GB yesterday on the container ship MSC Sweden - due to arrive in the Port of Boston on Nov. 14th - and make it's way to us some time thereafter post clearing customs. Costumes have received prelim designs and are doing some advance work.
The Miracle at Naples: Prelim scenic designs arrived yesterday. We'll begin to budget, plan, and source the materials for the show this week. I touched base with the costume designer to check on progress.
Lucia di Lammermoor: Design meeting tonight for the Opera that we build for BU CFA Opera Institute.
Pirates: Had a teleconference today with the director, scenic and costume designers. Our first step in realizing the design.

Other meetings this week included the Overseer Orientation on Monday, Executive Committee Meeting yesterday, and Department Head Meeting today. And then there is NEXT Season: We have begun evaluating and budgeting 8-10 projects under consideration. Last year I think we looked at over 20 titles before getting down to our final choice of seven.

One of the overseers asked how I managed to blog amongst all that... it's sometime tough - but at least I don't have to make this stuff up.

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