October 15, 2008

Wishful Drinking Reviews

Just in case you thought my last post about the stormtroopers was a gag...
(scroll down for the reviews)

Marketing Associate Vawnya Nichols gets busted for attempting to rush the box office

Artistic Associate Bevin O'Gara and Production Associate Adam Krueger teach these scary guys a thing or two about life in OUR world.

and finally - Artistic Director Peter DuBois and Managing Director Michael Maso give Darth Vadar some advice. If I told you more I would have to kill you.

ANYWAY - I saw the show on Saturday evening with some friends. I have to admit that I wasn't sure that listening to Carrie Fisher talk about hairmuffs, Hollywood inbreeding, drugs, addiction, and depression for two hours was really going to be all that much fun. My doubts were totally unfounded. It is great fun - a blast even. If you don't believe me - click below and see what these folks had to say:

"Laughter is indeed the best medicine" - Boston Globe

"Wishful Drinking is loaded..." - Boston Herald

"Still Crazy after all these years" - The Phoenix

"I don't know Carrie Fisher personally, but I feel like I do" - Cape Cod Times

What did you think? Please comment or add your own review. What was your favorite part of the show?

Wishful Drinking - written and performed by Carrie Fisher. Presented by the Huntington Theatre Company at the Boston University Theatre - 264 Huntington Ave - Boston, MA 02115 617 266-7900


Anonymous said...

My favorite part had to be the chalkboard explanation of the linking of the modern day kids who are products the Hollywood scene in the 50's that was hysterical. But we laughed so much throughout the whole performance we can't really pick just one part. It was poignant, unpredictable, and for any of us who are in our 50's all stories to which we could relate. Thank you Carrie!

Anonymous said...

My husband also loved the Hollywood Inbreeding 101 bit the most. I loved every second. I have loved Carrie Fisher for various reasons since I was a young girl ... from wanting to be Princess Leia to later wishing I could harness my own humor and perspective on my own story the way she has in fiction and in this play. Smart, funny, beautiful, warm ... It was just great to "hang out" with her for a couple hours ... I'm so relieved the lighting situation was resolved that day! (Saturday matinee) Thanks for a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

At first I felt like we should leave that we were watching a train wreck and we should not support it but after I realized that she was an artist who was expressing how her life felt.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Fisher was outstanding! My boyfriend and I were so impressed by her talent not only as an actor but a writer and a survivor of the Hollywood scene. The bonus was, it came in a hilarious, laugh-outloud package from start to finish!

Anonymous said...

After reading the reviews, and having loved her performances in other movies, I felt lucky to get great seats (second row, center stage) to a Thursday performance. It’s now been a few weeks and my reaction is becoming more thoughtful.

Initially, I found the delivery of her life very funny and entertaining. Now looking back I am compelled to liken it to a Shakespearian Comedy. She is able to find humor in tragedy and show how it’s possible to not only survive but excel. She gives us hope. It takes a big person to find levity in difficulty, to accept your short comings and to do it all publicly so that others are helped on so many levels.

I hope that she was able to receive as much love and respect from the audience as we absorbed from her performance. My respect for her is greater than before.

Anonymous said...

Wishful Drinking is 'American Tragedy meets George Carlin stand-up'. I would have cried for her if I was not laughing so hard! When you combine great writing and great performance, you are guaranteed an extraordinary night of theater. and so this was. My favorite part? It has to be her performance of the 'family tree', the inbreeding routine. Exraordinary!