October 5, 2008

In Box - and other bits

It's a busy week...

Today is first tech for Boleros for the Disenchanted by Jose Rivera. So I'm sitting at my tech table in the Wimberly keeping an eye on the proceedings while following up on some email ignored earlier in the week, proofing a few documents, and catching up on my online reading.

A couple of my department heads have dashed over to the BU Theatre where How Shakespeare Won the West just closed. Lights, Sound and Props will clear everything off the deck tonight so scenery can come in and strike the rest of the set tomorrow. I've still got to post some embarrasing and self depricating photos from opening night... just you wait.

We'll start getting ready for Wishful Drinking on Wednesday. The production arrives on Thursday, with a short tech on Friday afternoon. Both Boleros and Wishful will have their Boston premieres on Friday evening.

The Boston Globe sent Megan Tench to Hartford CT last month to talk with Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking. Little did Megan know that Carrie would give the interview from bed... read it all here. The Herald also has an interview.

There's been a little news re: Nicky Martin. The Globe ran an update, and local blogs the The Hub Review and The Mirror up to Nature sent their best wishes. One reader - read the last comment on the the Mirror post - also took the opportunity to chide me for not posting often enough. He's right - but hey - the blog had it's 2 year anniversary this week - and we have an average of 2.7 posts per week over that period. I don't feel too guilty. He also expressed his disappointment in the Boston press for their lack of coverage.


I've heard that they had to move Nicky to a larger room to accommodate the abundance of floral arrangements, and I've had several first hand confirmations that Nick is in good spirits and is receiving many visitors.

In other news - Campbell Scott is remounting The Atheist in NYC. Playbill has a nice interview here.

Photo Credits

Boleros: (l-r) Jaime Tirelli, Socorro Santiago, Monica Raymund, and Elliot Villar portray two generations of the same married couple in the Huntington Theatre Company's production of Boleros for the Disenchanted playing October 10 through November 15 at the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA. Photo: Eric Antoniou
How Shakespeare Won the West: The company rests on their journey to California in the Huntington Theatre Company's production of How Shakespeare Won the West, playing September 5 through October 5 at the Huntington's mainstage, the B.U. Theatre. Photo: T. Charles Erickson.
Wishful Drinking:
Image of Carrie Fisher in the the Berkeley Rep production of Wishful Drinking. Photo: Kevin Berne.

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