November 4, 2007

Brendan: The Sights and Sound of Boston

It's nice when I can get Terry Byrne to do my blogging for me and provide you with a little behind the scenes info. She interviewed Scenic Designer Alexander Dodge and Sound Designer Fitz Patton a few weeks back for these articles that ran in today's Globe. Thanks Terry!

The city of Boston plays a big part in 'Brendan'

Aural Fixation

Both designers spent a good deal of time wandering around our fair city and it really shows in the design.

The cast and crew are playing to nice big houses down at the Wimberly. I visited them yesterday afternoon to let them know that they were doing such great work that we were adding an additional performance! The show will now close on Sunday, November 18th, 2007. You've got about two weeks left to catch it.

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