November 19, 2007

Betting on Brendan

True story. I had a phone message this morning. The caller had a bet going - she and her companion had seen Brendan and they disagreed about what that textured brown wall upstage was meant to represent.

I've seen it called a cobblestone road in a couple of reviews. She thought it was dirt, her companion thought it represented Brendan's brain. Yep, that's right, his brain. It was where Brendan's Mom came from, after all. A dinner at B&G Oysters was on the line. I was charged with settling the debt.

The designer prints labeled it "Dirt" wall. I think it was meant to be a visual representation of the Brendan's homeland, the old sod, so to speak. A brain though? Maybe - and why not...

I've always been amazed how differently people can interpret the same thing. What did you think it represented? Who won the bet? And should I get a dinner at B&G too?

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Anonymous said...

Get this man a dinner!