November 2, 2006

All in the Family

Day 9: Monday, October 30th

Today is the Actor’s Day off. Lighting and Sound are also laying low. Scenery, Props, and Paints hit the stage in full force to knock out as many of the notes as possible. It’s all the finishing touches. Slight adjustments on the wagons to make them quieter and more level. The finish molding is added to the walls. More boxes of set dressing are pulled from props storage, and a few shopping bags full of Crate and Barrel. Scenery cuts one of the kitchen cabinets down so the sightlines to the sink are better. This house is started to look lived in.

I would like to introduce you to Gabe Emerson, son of Ben and Virginia, our Audio Supervisor and Assistant Costume Director respectively. The deceased character of Danny, around whom the grief of this story revolves, is heard in a video tape that the father sneaks down to the living room to watch every night. We needed a four year old to do a voice over. Our sound man has a four year old. How convenient. It turns out that Gabe is quite the little actor, and did very well with the lines. It’ll break your heart.

Actor’s Equity allows us to use one or two “Non-Pros” a season (unless it’s a really big cast, or a student) so Gabe was it. No need to hire a casting director! Thanks to Mom and Dad Emerson for their assistance and coaching. All recordings were made in the comfort of the Emerson household. Gabe is coming by to meet the cast and crew on Friday. This is him in his Halloween Costume. I assume Mom made it.

If he wears it again we have plenty of candy.

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