November 7, 2006

4... 3... 2... 1...

November 4 - 7

I don’t have much to say as I took Saturday (Day 4) and Sunday off. If I’m needed I’ll get called and I don’t. I get to spend the day concentrating on the “Domestic Arts” (thanks Meg). There is no rehearsal, just brief notes with the cast after the show. The director asks us to add the following line to the pre-show recording; “If you feel the need to enjoy a hard candy during the performance, please unwrap it… now.” It’s a cute line that usually gets a laugh, but it doesn’t seem to stop the crinkling. We stopped using it a few years ago.

Sunday night (Day 3) there was silence as the curtain fell, and a good long pause before the appreciative audience began to applaud. Maureen Anderman (Nat) reported that the cast was thrilled… sometimes it means more us when people are so moved that they sit silent and mesmerized for a few moments. You know they have taken the journey with you.

Monday (Day 2) is the actor’s day off. Not much at all going on for Rabbit Hole. The mattress is getting dyed so it’s not as bright, and the floor gets a final coat of polyurethane. There’s payroll to check (or at least I was supposed to), we welcome some new overseers at an orientation over at the Pavilion, and I have a conference with a designer for a room that we are hoping to convert into a lounge in the lower lobby. And I get reminded that I have a quarterly budget update due tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday (Day 1) is our final preview. We had a production staff meeting this morning, Mauritius closes on Sunday, and Cherry Orchard production started yesterday, so we have a lot to discuss. Then I blasted out payroll, weekly budget reports, the quarterly projections for our finance committee coming up, and set up my staff's reviews. Hence all of the blog posts late today :-)

The big day is tomorrow... OPENING NIGHT! I'll tell you all about it after I recover.

(Photo: Howie (Jordan Lage, r.) and Becca (Donna Bullock) come to terms with their future lives in the Huntington Theatre Company's production of Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire, running through Dec. 3 at the Boston University Theatre. Photo: Eric Antoniou.)

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Hannah said...

oooh. i love this. boston has my heart. i wish i was there. how was opening night?