January 19, 2011

Enjoying the view

contributed by Todd Williams

This morning finds me on the Acela to New York for a meeting with the folks at Roundabout Theatre Company. We are co-producing the world premiere of Stephen Karam's Sons of the Prophet together. We'll mount it this spring and the production will head to NY in the Fall. It's directed by Peter DuBois. I'm with technical director Dan Ramirez and associate producer Bevin O'Gara and we're going to check out the Laura Pels Theatre and discuss the production with scenic designer Anna Louizos. Right now we're chatting, reading, checking email, talking shop, and thoroughly enjoying the resplendent views that sunrise affords along the CT coast.

Thus far a truly enjoyable day!


Temple Gill said...

I hope you are taking some pictures of your trip! We should have sent you with a flip camera. ;)

feri ferdian said...

your posted realy simple but surely...nice job