May 17, 2010

Norton Awards live continued

It was great to see Alice Duffy presenting tonight, just back from the Broadway run of "Present Laughter". Nancy E Carroll, also recently returned from NYC, can be seen nightly in "Prelude to a Kiss",
currently playing.

Jeff Poulos, Kate Snodgrass, and Paul Daigneault co-presented the Theatre Hero award to our very own Micheal Maso. Funny and brief, as usual, Micheal paid tribute to the Huntington's board for having the
vision to create the Calderwood Pavilion - second stage for us and home to dozens of other local companies.

He also thanked the staff of the Huntington - his Theatre Heroes - for their collective body of work and their individual financial sacrifices of the last few years. Congrats Micheal!

Peter accepted the "Norty" for outstanding production ("Fences") and I had to stop typing for a sec to wave to the crowd as he shouted out to the Huntington's production staff. Thanks Peter!

Karen MacDonald ("All My Sons") graced the stage to accept the Norton Award for Sustained Excellence. I hate to start rumors but can you say "Bus Stop"? We are thrilled to have her back on our mainstage next season. "Change is good".

Michael also gave us a quote (courtesy of Berkeley Repertory Theatre) worth ending the night with;

"Art makes life suck less".


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