June 16, 2009

Inbox: Backyards, Weddings, and a VW Bus: Your Photos Wanted

From our Marketing Director, Temple Gill

Hi everyone -

We need your help! We are working fast and furious on images for next season's shows for the season brochure, and the concept is to have black and white photos at various Boston locations to represent each of our 7 shows. Here are a few things we are looking for:

Prelude to a Kiss, I am looking for a photo of an outdoor wedding in the Boston area - it might be a bridal party in Boston Common or a backyard wedding in Malden. Do you have such a photo or know someone who might? We are looking for something joyful with the bride and groom and other people in it.

For A Long and Winding Road, we'd like to take a photo of a VW bus in front of a Boston landmark such as the Hancock building. Do you know anyone who has a VW bus who might loan it to us for an afternoon? And better yet, do you have or know of a photo of a VW bus in Boston?

For All My Sons, we are looking for a backyard photo of a freestanding house in a middle-class neighborhood (such as West Roxbury or South Boston). Do you have a photo of this or have a house (or know of a house) that might work?

Please let me know if you have ideas about any of this. And if you do have a photo (or bus or house) that will work, we will happily credit you and give you many, many thanks! :)


Temple Gill

Contact Temple by calling 617 266-7900 or emailing tgill at huntingtontheatre.bu.edu (you know where the @ goes)

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Temple Gill said...

Thanks, Todd, for posting this. And thanks Mr._Grassroots for tweeting about it. Please send me your photos everybody! Thanks.