February 26, 2009

Catching Up and Looking Forward

I'm sitting on a bus heading to NY to see Becky Shaw by Gina Gionfriddo, directed by our very own Peter DuBois. We're about to head into rehearsals here in Boston for The Miracle at Naples with Peter. We know him pretty well by now - he's been around for almost a year but, finally, our chance to work with him as a Director is here - so I am looking forward to get a glimpse of Peter's directing style tonight.

I am really excited about the work we are doing for the remainder of this season - it's our busiest time of the year - and the upcoming projects are all really interesting.

The company of Two Men of Florence recently spent a couple of days in the scene shop working on the double turntables that have a role of their own in this production. The circular turntables, echoing the earth rotating on it's axis - or the planets circling the sun, move the actors around in orbit of each other. It is a fascinating dynamic - and it was a lot of fun to watch the cast find their balance, learn how to move, and bring these scenes to life. It was also fun to have a rehearsal in the scene shop, and to sit next to Dick and Doris Kearns Goodwin for the morning. I wanted to take photos and video for you - but had not thought in advance to get the permissions necessary. Next time. We go into tech on Sunday. Click here for other video, other multimedia and more information.

The Miracle at Naples begins rehearsals next week. The set is nearly complete - a lovely Italian plaza, featuring a statue of St. Genaro compliments of our talented sculptor and charge scenic artist, Corey Shipler. This show is going to be fun. I hope I can find the time to spend a lot of time in rehearsal.

In April the Huntington staff will be building Lucia di Lammermoor for BU's College of Fine Arts, working together with the students and faculty of the School of Music, Opera Institute and School of Theatre. If you have never attended an opera at the BU theatre I highly recommend it - there is a lot of great talent in these programs.

Pirates! (or Gilbert & Sullivan Plunder'd) is also progressing well, we've got a great artistic team - a funny new book that combines the patter and cadence of Gilbert and Sullivan with a fun new look at the Pirate King and friends.

We are also workshoping a new production written and performed by Maureen McGovern this coming month as part of the developmental work the Huntington is committed to doing.

Our spring is very ambitious, which is even more challenging given the times were in. I hope the challenges will be transparent to you so that you enjoy the magic, fun, fantasy, and history about to unfold on our stages.

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