January 14, 2009

... and The Corn is Green is Open

Almost open. As I begin to write the first Act has just begun. I should have written about the previews instead of tech. They were more eventful - though perhaps influenced by outside events rather than inside the theater. The most trouble we had inside was a flaky snow machine (sorry, just had to) and a sheet of color burned out in front of a 5K (I suspect you too might melt if you were standing in front of a 5000w lamp). Here's a photo of the set - preshow.

Friday Night: you'll remember a tragic accident with a fire truck up the street from us. Huntington Ave was closed all day until curtain time - we had about 50 subscribers exchange out in fear that they wouldn't be able to get to us - but it was an otherwise great first preview that started about 10 minutes late. The audience was great - having worked hard to get here they immediately invested themselves in the action.

Saturday Night: the forecast called for snow starting by curtain time. It started during the second act and didn't stop until well after curtain. There were 2-3 inches, making it quite lovely for the patrons exiting the theatre. I hope the driving wasn't too bad. It was another great audience - again looking for an adventure.

Sunday Night: was uneventful - cold with lots of snow on the ground, slippery sidewalks and roads. This crowd was ready - having had time to prepare. They were bundled up looking as round as snowmen. The house looked something like an apres-ski gathering - only they weren't looking for a roaring fire to sit in front of, just a comfy play (and perhaps a mellow glass of red wine from the bar). It was a bittersweet evening as it was Nick Martin's last with us before he headed back to NYC to recuperate further. And Morgan Evans got whomped.

Miss Moffat (Kate Burton) gives the miner boys what for

Tuesday Night: Again fairly uneventful. A few friends of mine saw the show and wrote me predicting that we were in for another great run. I went home before the show to catch the premiere of American Idol. Yes - I am admitting it here for all the world to see. I'll have to check in tomorrow to see what my Niece and Nephew thought of the new Judge, Kara.

The cast takes a bow

Wednesday AM was more eventful. Around 2AM the theatre lost power. Our ATD (Associate Tech Director) commutes from NH, and prefers to come in early to avoid traffic. He usually arrives by 5AM. I slept through a text at 6:15AM - thankfully Adam waited until 7:30 to phone. The news looked bad at that hour - perhaps a canceled performance and several days without power - but gradually got better as the morning progressed and Nstar restored power just after Noon.

They are still out there with four trucks and a generator as I write. We are none worse for the wear - but I did forget to check the lobby video displays before the house opened. They work (now).

Come to think of it - I haven't checked to make sure the light on Henry Jewett's portrait is working. It was out a couple of days ago. That could explain a lot - his ghost doesn't like to be in the dark.

Miss Moffat (Kate Burton) give the miners what for in The Huntington Theatre Company's production of The Corn is Green, by Emlyn Williams, playing January 9 through February 8, 2009 at the Huntington's mainstage, the B.U. Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA. Buy tickets online or call our Box Office at 617 266-0800. Photos: T. Charles Erickson

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