August 31, 2008

In box

In lieu of actually writing something I'll give you a few links:

Peter DuBois in BayWindows

"Peter DuBois has a novel way of ending an interview. "Do you want to meet my dog?" he suddenly asks as our conversation winds down."

Adam Pascal is coming to the Huntington's Calderwood Pavilion for four performances only - click here.

"A friend at his former high school, who at the time was dating fellow Syosset graduate Idina Menzel, mentioned Rent to him. On a whim, he auditioned for the role of Roger in Rent and was cast. His performance in Rent earned him a Tony nomination, a Theater World award, and an Obie Award. He left the show on November 2nd, 1997, but went on to play Roger when Rent went to London"

Carrie Fisher will appear at the B.U. Theatre in October - more info here

"This ironic look at her life gives no more than a nod to her friend’s recent death, but includes a survey of her often bizarre childhood as the daughter of Ms. Reynolds and the singer Eddie Fisher, details about her brief marriage to Paul Simon and her travels through addiction and struggle with mental illness. There’s some juicy stuff about making out with the actor Harrison Ford and her relationship with a man who later declared himself gay (Billie’s father, the agent Bryan Lourd).

In the show she sums all this up in the painfully deadpan observation: “If my life weren’t funny, it would just be true. And that would be unacceptable.” read the rest of this article in the New York Times

And last - but not least - our Managing Director Michael Maso tells us the "truth" about Huntington's subscribers.

There will be more video coming this season - I just wrapped filming on a backstage tour of our stage, shops, and treasure troves (storage).

I suspect another "truth" is that there is good reason that some of us work BEHIND the scenes.

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