June 10, 2008

She Loves Me - only 8 more shows

She Loves Me makes me smile... have I not mentioned this before? Each and every time I see even a little bit, or hear it over the monitors, it's only about 30 seconds before I become aware of my dimples. Really.

Enjoy these two last teasers - and then come see for yourself (through Sunday - June 15 ONLY). Your cheeks will enjoy the exercise. It's absolutely zygomatic!

Song: "Days Gone By"
Mr. Maraczek (Dick Latessa), the parfumerie owner, sings to his clerks about his bachelor days when he would go out dancing all night long. He entices Georg to waltz and the clerks all dance.

Song: "She Loves Me"
Georg (Brooks Ashmanskas) has just learned that Amalia loves him, though she does not know he is the one with whom she has been corresponding. He sings of his new feelings for her in the exuberant "She Loves Me."

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