March 31, 2008

Blogging Breaking Ground: Day One


My name is Lauren and I'll be your HTC blogger for the next week. Having spent two years interning with the artistic department here at the Huntington (and working on the Breaking Ground Festivals of '06 and '07), I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to return Boston to work on BG2008 as a Festival Producing Associate. I now live in Minneapolis and work at the Guthrie.

[Note: Apparently, the land of 10,000 lakes wins the cantilever-showdown architect Jean Nouvel started between our states -- see here. Also, in Minneapolis, not only do we have the most theater seats per capita (second only to New York), but we also carve our dairy industry princesses out of 40 lb. blocks of butter. Yes, you read right.]

I'll be reporting from the Calderwood Pavilion this week, both from inside the rehearsal room and readings. Get ready for the breaking news on Breaking Ground, courtesy of yours truly. Interested in more details on Breaking Ground events? Visit the BG2008 page on the HTC website, here.

The latest: We're in music rehearsal for Thursday night's reading on UNKNOWN SOLDIER. We have an incredible cast that includes Maria Thayer, Sara Saltzberg, Stephen Plunkett, Damian Baldet, Kate deLima, Aimee Doherty, Curly Glynn, Charlie Pollock and Brendan McNab . The musical, by Daniel Goldstein and Michael Friedman, sounds wonderful so far and it includes some quite interesting and amazing lyrics.... Be here on Thursday night for the fun.

Stay tuned for updates sometime soon.


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Todd Williams said...

Thanks Lauren! Welcome to the blog...