January 30, 2008

Young Writers explore plays

This article about our Young Voices Playwriting program caught my eye this morning. Just had to share:

"From Shakespeare to Broadway, live theatre has survived for centuries through the advent of moving pictures, radio broadcasts, television and iPods, and remains a thriving art form into the 21st century.

A great production requires top-notch performances from actors and crew alike, but none of that can get off the ground without a strong writer and a great script.

One group of Lynn Classical students is taking the first step in becoming the next great American playwrights by participating in a unique program at the Huntington Theatre in Boston, where they will work one-on-one with theatre professionals to polish their scriptwriting skills and produce an original work."

I've got lots of other stuff to share in my reader - which you will find in the sidebar labeled "Todd's shared items". Check out Melinda Lopez's new play Gary, reviews for Shining City at the Goodman in Chicago, and find opinion about Rebekah Maggor's Shakespeare's Actresses which opened this week at the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA. I've only seen one post so far - but I will add to the list as soon as I see more.

In other playwriting news; our recent announcement of the next round of artists to join our Huntington Playwriting Fellows has been getting some attention lately, with a question coming in from all quarters, including this blog. Click here to read the post and comments.

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